5 Future Intelligent Transportation

Our lives have been totally changed with the changing environmental development. Over the last few decades, we have totally changed our life style. Our living, our working area, and working tools, modes of transportation, medical aids, and communication mediums all have reached to the top of the world. Now, we don’t need to walk for longer distances to reach our working spaces or to go out to meet our friends and relatives.

With the developing technologies, we have developed different modes of transportation which causes less pollution, are convenient, and affordable. Our engineers have developed vehicles that run on solar light, CNG, and electricity. These inventions have totally changed our way of living. Since with the going on development we will sure to have some intelligent mediums of transportation which may reduce the problems of pollution and heavy traffic jams in the metro cities.

Before going forward the first thing you need to know is that what does ITS actually means and what are their benefits?

5 Future Intelligent Transportation What is ITS?

ITS (Intelligent Transport System) is actually the combination of information and communication technology for transporting infrastructure and vehicles so that it could provide you safety, reliability, efficiency, and quality.

What are the benefits of ITS?

ITS actually meant for optimized transportation mediums which help in saving your time and fuel consumption. Moreover, these transportation mediums are more safe and reliable than others. The best part of these transportation mediums is that these are not restricted to roads only. These technologies can be used to develop road, rail as well as water transportation so that the passengers could enjoy the ride and have a safe and reliable journey for their destination place.

5 Future Intelligent Transportation Applications

  1. Emergency vehicle notification systems: These systems are being installed to the vehicles for the situation of emergencies. These eCalls are generally generated by the passengers of the vehicle of automatically when having an accident. These systems generate an emergency call through voice or data messages to the nearest emergency point so that to get the required and quick help.
  1. Automatic road enforcement: Automatic road enforcement systems are the traffic enforcement camera systems which are used for monitoring the running vehicles. These vehicles help in detecting the speed limit of the vehicles and also check whether the driver of the vehicle is following the traffic rules or not. We use different types of automatic road enforcement systems for this purpose. Some of these are Red light cameras, traffic light, bus lane, level crossing, and high occupancy vehicle lane.
  2. Variable speed limits: We can use variable speed limits with the changing roads and congestion so that to reduce the road accidents and ensure the safety of the passengers and other people moving on roads. Some of the jurisdictions have fixed various speed limits for different roads in their countries. Roads having high traffic and crowds have been set to have lower speed limits but the empty roads have largest speed limits.
  3. Dynamic traffic light sequence: Dynamic traffic light sequence RFID has been introduced to lower down the chances of being a collision. This traffic light sequence includes beam and interruption techniques which can be easily applied on the multi-road junction, roads which include multiple vehicle and multiple lanes to work out the passage of each column.
  4. Collision avoidance systems: New techniques have been evolved which includes collision avoidance systems to reduce the chances of collision. These systems include sensors which need to be installed on the highways so that the motorists can easily recognize that some car is stalled ahead. These systems have been recently used by Japan which has surprisingly reduced the accident cases in a very lesser time.

Google Energy Sources That Will Help in Future

Energy consumption in Google

Google has invested in the renewable sources of energy to overcome the problem of excessive power consumption with the increasing population. Google has launched Google Energy LLC in the year 2007 for power generation. It has launched in various renewable sources of energy like solar, geothermal, wind, solar thermal etc. Renewable sources of energy are the best option for creating energy through natural resources. Renewable sources of energy are actually a low-cost option which can be easily installed and set up for creating energy. Moreover, these sources of energy are more convenient and cause less or no pollution and hence are also the safest option.

Google energy sources

The goal for next year

Google is going to establish fully functional data centers and offices for more than 60,000 workers based on these renewable sources of energy, which is also going to be a landmark for the company. Google is now using the power generated from renewable sources of energy like wind, water, thermal etc from other power generating companies like other. Internet Giant is one of the biggest buyers of power generated from the renewable sources of energy till date. Google has bought about 7.5 Terawatt hours of energy in the year 2015 which is near about equal to the energy created from the entire solar panels installed in the US.

Google has a target to achieve 100% power consumption from their established power resources till the end of the year 2017. Here, 100 % does not mean that the energy produced through solar and wind energy it means entire energy consumption from only renewable sources of energy. Power production from the renewable energy sources is one of the cheapest technologies of energy production and can be easily established. Google is establishing and participating in various energy production resources from the last decade. It also helps Google in back financing their bigger turbines and new projects.

What doesn’t want?

Google has planned to get entire energy produced from the renewable sources of energy as it wants to decrease the consumption of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the on renewable sources of energy which also produces a lot of carbon content when burnt and hence produces more pollution.

More about Renewable sources of energy

Moreover, unlike non-renewable sources of energy, the energy produced through the renewable sources is not fluctuating and also it is good for the economy, business and also the shareholders. Most of the organization fails to extract the exact amount of data about the energy consumption. As we all know that Google is one of the major organizations in the world, it also needs more amount of energy to run their large computer complexes. It can’t rely on the nonrenewable sources of energy for energy consumption.

New deals

Google is now seeking to sign a new deal of about years of agreement for the projects like hydro, biomass and nuclear which produces a low amount of carbon. These sources produce low amount of carbon and hence also produces less pollution. Among these, the nuclear power projects are more controversial as they include more safety implementations and also are more costly than other renewable sources of energy like wind, water and solar etc.

Google is going to establish its largest wind farms for energy production in Minco, Okla in near about 50,000-acre farm to supply energy for the one of the office and computer complex in Pryor, Okla. Google has a goal to establish about 95% of the wind turbines till at the end of next year.

What is carbon market?

It is one of the main things that everyone wants to know that actually what market it is and why it is mainly wanted to know by all. When comes to know that the carbon market is a market which is generally known for trading the carbon emission. For your information, this carbon market is widely encouraging and engages the world companies to reduce the usage of carbon dioxide. These are the things which should be known by all the countries and reduce their usage towards carbon dioxide. Thus the carbon market is also termed as the carbon trading or carbon emission trading.

carbon market

One must know that this carbon market is considered as a policy in the form of an environment which largely functions with the cost of economics. The important information is the government is mainly set the price for carbon dioxide. If any of the companies who want to use the carbon dioxide, they need to pay the certain level of an amount to the government. It means it will help to reduce the usage of carbon by companies.

On the other side, European countries are the high usage country of carbon, now they in the form of commission they don’t want to spend more economics for carbon. Also, they wanted to reduce the carbon usage by more than 40% in coming years. According to the sources, international emissions trading association follows the way by checking out the environmental policy.

Clarification about carbon market

One must be aware of the carbon market, while on the other side most of the people expecting to know the query about carbon market. The process of carbon dioxide is to provide the emissions which largely occur when CO2 is getting released from the companies and mix it into the surrounding atmosphere. The important thing that we want to know is emission may occur at any time with the support of food wastage and human activity. It is also largely proved by the scientists. When coming to science, the earth generally has the natural thing to remove the carbon dioxide from the pure atmosphere. However, the earth doesn’t have the solution to remove the carbon emission which is usually caused by the humans.

For your information, carbon dioxide is said to be the greenhouse gas which mainly helps to contribute by absorbing the infrared radiation. Thus the process of carbon dioxide is to fence in the heat from the atmosphere to out of the earth. These are the things that you want to know before coming to check about carbon markets.

Compensate for carbon market

If any of the companies or household release the carbon dioxide, then they need to pay the compensation. Also, they are in development of making the project for removing the carbon emission from the atmosphere. For your information, there is also a financial unit of measurement available for bringing successful projects for reducing emission reduction. So, these are the things that you need to know about carbon market for all the time.